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Your College Mistakes May Not Have to Follow You

Most college students will do something stupid at some point that they regret. In some cases, it will be a move that will be forgotten in a few days. Other times, it may end up haunting them for the rest of their lives.

These crimes can be out on the town after drinking and an office charged you with public intoxication. You may have been handed a substance to try just as a cop turned the corner and hit with a charge for an illegal substance. You may have even decided to prank your roommate and hid his computer, resulting in a theft charge.

Once you have been charged with and sentenced for a crime, anytime and employer does a background check on you, this information will show up. Depending on the crime, it could limit the jobs you can take and could make your post college life, less than rewarding.

If the crime is in Alabama, some of those criminal missteps could actually be taken care of with an expunged record. There are some requirements that you need to meet for this to work. To begin with, the felony charge cannot be a violent crime, if a Grand Jury has chosen to not prosecute you, you were found Not Guilty, or the case ended up being dismissed with prejudice.

In the event that you only meet the non-violent felony charge requirement, there are sub requirements that can be met to have your record expunged. That is waiting a five year period, assuming that no new cases have been filed against you and you have not been convicted of any additional felony or misdemeanor. Even a traffic violation can cause a problem for you when you are looking to have the record expunged.

The good news is that those mistakes you made as a wild college student no longer have to haunt you and your career. There is now an option to get your life back on track and to remove drug charges, burglary, criminal damage and other things you did back in college just trying to fit in.

If you are ready to take action, speak to an Alabama attorney who can assist you with the expungement process. There is a filing fee of $300 and any cost associated with hiring a lawyer. Many are looking to help people find work though, so you may find a lawyer who will waive their fee or offer you a reduced rate. If you’re interested in having your record expunged, one place to start is Price and Flowers’ Zap My Record website where you’ll find helpful information on the process.

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