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Why Student Loan Consolidation Is Not Refinancing

Peter Gitundu asked:

& lt; br/& WP; étudiants & lt; br/& WP; having an low-income have a d&amp means; #39; to obtain l& #39; égalité of the chances in établissements d& #39; teaching supA©rior that their counterparts à high level of incomes. They have l& #39; option d& #39; to borrow l& #39; money to see them à l& #39; école. This money owes être remboursé once the dA©bitor has commencé à to gain. To have omitted to pay this prêt is considéré like a serious crime in many countries. It ya several options of refunding à the provision of the dA©bitor once qu& #39; they took their décision to begin the process of refunding. & lt; br/& WP; Among those is the consolidation of prêts. That implies d& #39; loan d& #39; an installation of crédit to pay d& #39; other debts. rescheduling of the debt of étudiants is traitée différemment in the différents States. With the tats-Plain à ?, under the terms of the rescheduling of the debt d& #39; études fédéral, the debt is acheté by a company of consolidation or the ministère of l& #39; éducation. This action of l& #39; purchase and the closing of the debt will dépendra of what you have like a borrower. & lt; br/& WP; Although the consolidation error of many people of prêts in étudiants for the refinancing, they are très différents. The rate of consolidation does not change and the consolidation sociétés to gain l& #39; money, of récolter of the subsidies of the government. Another major différence between the two is that l& #39; borrower does not pay expenses with the companies d& #39; to buy prêt as that is made at the time of refinancing. & lt; br/& WP; This mode of refunding is bA©nA©fic à l& #39; borrower qu& #39; it améliore its crédibilité. However, all companies to consolidate reports/ratios at the offices of crédit. It is important that the dA©bitor is adopté and includes/understands perfectly each option of refunding available available before taking a décision. A financial adviser will be useful for you to discuss these in-depth questions. & lt; br/& WP;

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