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Troy Morrow asked:

& lt; br/& WP; To become étudiant of consolidation of prêt, if you êtes on the point d& #39; to obtain to them diplôme, you will want can-être begin à to think à to become étudiant of consolidation of prêt to the début of this façon are in advance of the part. All prêt of Studenthas consolidation a période of six months grâce après l& #39; obtaining the diplôme before payments to start, but the process of request for prêt of consolidation can take several weeks, especially if you n& #39; do not have réuni all your information of prêt and décidé d& #39; a prAator. He can take several weeks to pass à through the process of prêt, but when it s& #39; your prêt the prAator acts to refund gives you six months après obtaining your diplôme to begin à to refund your prêt étudiant of consolidation. L& #39; inventory of your prêts étudiants. Document all your prêts, including the type of prêt, the prAator, the amount of your prêts, the rates d& #39; intérêt and the amount of your payments. To analyze the documents of prêt your, contact your prêteurs or managers of prêts or outward journey à the National Student Loan Dated System (NSLDS) Web site. J& #39; espère that you never lose your numéro pins, but if you done it, you can ask new and they you l& #39; to send. You await à to await one week or two for the code PINE à to arrive, then best to arrive there tôt. & lt; br/& WP; If you add êtes déjà in état of refunding, you will know à exactly  your monthly payments. However, if you êtes still à l& #39; école or in your période of grâce, you must consider your payments monthly of prêts not consolidés on the basis of rate d& #39; intérêt current and the balance of your prêt. If you êtes always to go à l& #39; école or in your période of grâce, you can estimate your payment of prêts not consolidés by using the balance and the intérêts of your prêt. Your prAator can également provide you the détails to find the amount approximate of your refunding monthly. Qu& #39; this is qu& #39; a budget? Sound like an insane question, but you would be surprised number of people who n& #39; never use, and that c& #39; is a great advantage, étudiants of consolidation of prêts, knowledge if étudiant prêts of consolidation to help you. Once you have a source of revenue, of réserver funds à to use for the refunding of your prêt. This amount would owe être fondée on a budget rA©alist. Then, to see whether the refunding of the prêt that you have calculé the estimés amounts above corresponds à our budget. & lt; br/& WP; Sometimes, you will see that your budget does not function like prévu, if that becomes the case is enough d& #39; to go on it new jusqu& #39; à what it does financial good sense. Which means can you adjust your finances? Météo its more d& #39; money or less d& #39; money. If c& #39; is a problème à short term (pay rise prévu, to find an employment à part time, etc), think à your adjournment or d& #39; options d& #39; abstention. Sélectionnez prêts of consolidation. Déterminer which of your prêts are éligibles à consolidation of the government fédéral. A certain number of prêts of consolidation of prêts étudiants can être consolidés, in addition Stafford and the prêts étudiants privés are not acceptable à être consolidée by the programs of consolidation fédérale. You are likely to lose certain advantages of décharge or l& #39; cancellation or d& #39; adjournment of the services if you include certain types of prêts in your prêt étudiant prêt of consolidation like Federal Perkins prêts, for example. You can contact the financial backers of your prêts to know which will be l& #39; impact of your étudiant of consolidation of prêts will be on your current services. If you wish to consolidate your prêts to test d& #39; to go the framework of the Program fédéral direct Prêt of consolidation. You can obtain the form on line. & lt; br/& WP; If you obtained, but they are still in the délai of grâce, to begin the process of consolidation d& #39; approximately two months before the end of the période of grâce. It will be d& #39; to allocate sufficient time for your prêt étudiant prêt of consolidation traitée before the délai of grâce expires, but not if tôt that you lose too many of your période of grâce if you have a prêt consolidation IRON. (If you to consolidate prêts IRON during the période of grâce, you give up à very part of your période of grâce. You can keep all your délai grâce, même if you êtes a consolidation of prêts direct.) Certain prêteurs offer IRON à to hold à outdistance on décaissement prêts of consolidation jusqu& #39; à end of the période of grâce to give to the borrowers the possibilité réduire their rate d& #39; intérêt and to maximize to them délai grâce. Vérifiez with your prAator for unquestionable être. Keep à l& #39; spirit that if you to consolidate during your période grâce, you can fix a rate d& #39; intérêt at least a half percent lower than the rate of current refunding. Majority of the banks to grant a tariff réduit to you if you agree to register you for l& #39; car-to pay and to make a certain number of consécutifs payments over time, approximately 36 d& #39; between them. When you fill the request of consolidation, ensure you to provide all the compléter and to correct your personal informations addressand, can to you être demandé d& #39; to include two références, and to sign ticket à order. Négliger none of these measurements and to delay you treatment of your request. If you êtes déjà in the course of refunding, to continue à to make payments on your prêts jusqu& #39; à the consolidation is the request dÔ lies filled. If you need facilités of immédiat payment, you can always ask the prAator d& #39; a carryforward or d& #39; abstention jusqu& #39; à what you êtes able to begin à to refund or jusqu& #39; à what your time is écoulé adjournment & lt; br/& WP; by:. Vernosha Anderson & lt; br/& WP; & lt; Br/& WP;