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Subaru Concept Cars

Have you ever looked at the super showy cars at a motor show and wondered how you’d feel driving a particular beauty? You might be surprised to learn that often these concept cars aren’t even road worthy! They look great but aren’t usually ready to go into production.

Concept cars are actually prototypes (but not the sort that you see at LeMans) built to show off their new styling or some new technology.
They often have some sort of radical design, they may use some exotic or non-traditional materials such as refined alloys, carbon fiber or even paper.
They may have unique design features such as an odd number of wheels or special doors.
Many of the features are impractical, they many not be profitable and may not even get past the computer design or scale model stages.
And they certainly wouldn’t get through the safety or regulatory compliance testing. They may be made of clay, wax, fiberglass, plastic or metal.

Basically, they don’t represent a final production model that can be driven away. They would have to undergo quite a few changes. But they are ‘pretty’ to look at!

When a concept car comes to the end of its useful life, they are usually destroyed, although some survive and wind up in company museums or in storage with perhaps an unknown future use.

Concept Cars That Are All Grown Up

On the other hand, some concept cars do go onto to becoming production cars. Subaru has several innovative designs that really stand apart from the crowd. Some of the currant concept vehicles that have come straight from the world’s motor shows are being readied to be driven.

The Levorg Concept is currently under development and should be ready for launch in 2014, in Japan. The concept of this car is to blend the design, style and feel of a sports car with the robust practicality of a touring vehicle.

The Subaru Viziv 2 Concept was inspired to express Subaru’s “Vision for Innovation”, offering their customers the essential value of enjoyment together with peace of mind.

The Subaru Cross Sport Design Concept combines the utility of a SUV with its comfortable interior, seat access and great luggage space with sporty handling.

EyeSight® – Subaru is Looking Out for Drivers

An innovative solution for avoiding collisions, EyeSight® warns and assists drivers when it ‘sees’ potential problems that could lead to a collision. This system has been praised in Japan for its affordability and user-friendly functioning.

Using the technology of stereo cameras, EyeSight® monitors traffic and detects vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, then takes action to avoid trouble. EyeSight® is designed to alert the driver with sound and a flashing signal when a collision is imminent and applies the brake should the driver fail to do so.

It reduces engine power if the driver is accelerating at the wrong time, thereby helping to avoid a collision. It will also warn if the driver strays out of their lane and optimizes cruise control.

Look to the folks at Landers McLarty Subaru in Huntsville, AL. for the lowdown on all the up and coming concepts coming from the innovative people at Subaru.

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