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The Kidde Time Toy Hammock

ToysInHammock1While toy hammocks are a great way to organize all of those stuffed toys that seem to accumulate so quickly, that is certainly not the only use for them. In fact they can be useful in many other areas of the home besides a child’s room. With just a little imagination, these handy little toy hammocks can be used to organize just about any room of your home.

Closets – Toy hammocks can be very useful when organizing your closets. They can hold anything from those hats and mittens that seem to disappear as soon as the weather turns cold, to shoes or slippers that don’t get worn very often. The smaller sizes even make the perfect holder for cosmetics or hair accessories.

Laundry Rooms – Toy hammocks can be a wonderful space saver in the laundry room. Nearly every household has experienced the case of the missing sock. You are sure that you put a pair of socks in the dryer, but mysteriously only one comes out. Generally these mismatched socks sit for a few days and inevitably get thrown away, only for you to find the match the next day. One of these handy little nets hanging in the corner is the perfect place to store them until a match appears.

Craft Rooms – When it comes to organizing your craft room, nothing could be more convenient than a toy hammock. They are a wonderful place to store yarn for your knitting or crocheting projects as well as to keep track of the various sized hooks that you are using. They also make a great place to store tubes of paint where they are within your reach, but out of reach for curious youngsters. Because they are see-through, you won’t spend hours searching through a craft bin for the perfect color of pain or yarn, everything can be seen easily.

There are many more uses for these ingenious, space saving Kidde Time toy hammocks and since they hang in any corner, they take up little or no space in your work area.

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