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Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Everyone wants the look of stone tiles and hardwood floors in their space. The easiest way to get the natural look is through luxury vinyl. I talked to Best Carpet Value about flooring and they talked to us about the benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile ( Luxury vinyl tiles or LVT is an innovative way to improve your flooring. It provides the character, look, and graining of textured tiles and hardwood planks. LVTs are so good looking that top designers use them to complete their projects.

Advanced technology using customer photography are used in replicating real stones and hardwoods. Each finished LVT is composed of an aluminum oxide or urethane top, a vinyl color layer, a layer of photographic film, and a vinyl backing. The top layer is responsible for protecting the overall look. It is key to the LVT’s durability. you might want to check out some of the benefits of luxury vinyl tiles:

Less expensive. You gain a look of real hardwood or stone on your floor without sensing a fortune.
Environment friendly. LVTs earn LEED points and adheres to the standards of green building.
Scuff, stain, scratch, and dent resistant. LVTs have a top layer. It’s also referred to as wear or mil layer, which is coated with urethane for superior durability.

Has safety features. Your LVTs have safety codes, slip resistant requirement, and commercial flammability codes.
Easy to maintain. All you have to do is clean them with a damp mop. This is actually the recommended cleaning method for LVT flooring.

High aesthetic level. LVTs completely transform your floors. With these tiles, you can eliminate the industrial feel and look in your home or office.Has many size options. You can freely choose what size of LVTs you want for your floors. You can have them with extra large widths, standard planks, and standard tiles.
Water resistant. LVTs are resistant to spills. You should install them over dry, approved, and flat surfaces that have no seepage problems.

More resilient. These tiles can withstand pressures for longer periods. It also provides a bit of warmth under your feet.

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