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All About Pine Nuts

Pine nuts come from pine cones, and many people refer to them as seeds rather than as nuts. There are many species of pine trees found around the world, and many of them are cultivated for the sole purpose of harvesting the pine nuts from them. In many areas around the world, pine nuts continue to be harvested by hand. It is a very long and daunting task to do so. It can take a pine tree between 15 and 25 years of growth before it will begin to produce the pine nuts.

Many people in the Spanish culture refer to pine nuts as pinon. They often roast it rather than enjoying them raw. They can be eaten either way and both are very good for you. Some people salt their pinon after they roast it and that can take away some of the nutritional value though. Pine nuts are often a seasonal item and they are also quite expensive to purchase.

In addition to being delicious, pine nuts are very good for you. They are a good source of fiber and they will help you to keep your energy level up during the day. Pine nuts have been reported to have the ability to help someone suppress their appetite. They are also believed to be full of antioxidants to help keep a person healthy. There is pine nut extract that some people take for these benefits instead of eating plain pine nuts.

There are various recipes out there that people make that include pine nuts. Many of them are casseroles and side dishes. There are plenty of recipes you can find on bags of pine nuts and online if you are interested. This can be a good way to create an interesting meal that is quite different from what you usually serve your family.

Some individuals have a very strange reaction to eating pine nuts. It tends to affect their taste buds. After eating pine nuts they will complain that other foods don’t taste very well at all. Many people report a metallic taste to foods they normally enjoy. There are very few people that have this type of reaction though. For most people, consuming pine nuts is very normal and enjoyable.

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